Organize Your Life With NoteSpirit

Remarkable Note Organizer and Task Manager. Perfectly Integrated.

Libraries and Folders

Organize your notes with tags, colored libraries and folders. All these features make it more convenient for browsing and retrieving.

Get Things Done

Automatically collect and organize all the To-Do items from your notes. No longer to worry about forgetting tasks widely scattered in notes.

Store Almost Anything

Rich text notes, daily todos, web pages clips, photos, audios and videos records, and PDFs. You can add almost anything you want.

Search Instantly

Just type in whatever you're looking for, and your list will update instantly. You'll be finding what you need faster than ever.

Stay Organized

Not like traditional notebooks, NoteSpirit organizes your notes into two-level hierarchies with colored libraries and folders. Tags are also applied.

NoteSpirit remembers your recent behaviors and allows you to continue with whatever exciting thoughts you are just engaged in.

Manage Your To-Do Items

By organizing your To-Do items with a GTD®-like scheme, NoteSpirit provides a convenient way to manage your daily tasks.

To-Do items within same notes are grouped into projects. You'll never miss a single among all tasks in a note.

Store Anything You Want

You can create rich text notes embedded with todos, web pages, photos, audio/video clips, PDF documents and etc..

All you need to do is just dragging and dropping anything you want to your notes.

You can get anything out of NoteSpirit you put into it. No lock-in, export at any time.

Record Your Life

Words cannot describe? With recording tools, your notes shall be more vivid than ever.

Record what is happening as photos, audio or video clips at any time with just a few clicks.

Stay Focused on Writing

Don't want to be disturbed by menus or lists when you are writing? Toggle to full screen editing mode to create your mind without being distracted.