How should I do when meeting the issue "NoteSpirit" is damaged and can’t be opened?

This issue was caused by the change of Apple’s authentication mechanism, i.e., using 256bit SHA for signature, which has led to the same issues on many apps. The solution is easy: Please go to launchpad and remove NoteSpirit, and then download it again from Mac App Store. The notes should not be lost during this process.

If you are concerning about your notes, please check this FAQ first how to backup your notes.

How do I set the cover image for library?

The cover picture for library needs to be manually set by right clicking on the image in the note editor and choose the menu 'Set As Library's Cover Image'. By the way, the image you want to use should not be too small, or this menu item may not be available.

How do I change the default font in note editor?

In version 1.0.1 and later, you can change the default font in "Preferences" -> "General".

How do I capture web pages into notes?

You can copy from web pages and paste them into notes. The captured web pages can be edited, so you can remove the unwanted parts of them by yourself.

In addition, if you want to capture photos in web pages, or add files from directories, you can just drag anything you want and drop it to the note.

How do I import photos, video clips, PDFs, files and even directories?

You can copy and paste, or just drag and drop them to the note.

How do I backup my notes?

Currently, you can export your notes into html files for backup. Or you can also backup the data files under the path:

For Mac OSX 10.6.8:
~/Library/Application Support/NoteSpirit/Storages/
For OSX 10.7 or higher:
~/Library/Containers/com.notespirit.NoteSpirit/Data/Library/Application Support/NoteSpirit/Storages

Can I sync notes with other devices?

We do not provide note synchronization in this version. But we're trying our best to ship it as soon as possible, and hope you will find it incredibly powerful and easy to use.

Is there a version for iPhone/iPad in the future?

Yes, we have already planned it. So please stay tuned!

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